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About Us

Who We Are

At New Star Diamonds, we’re diamond enthusiasts first, and sellers only second. We distinguish ourselves from the rest of the competition in one simple way: Educating our Customers. Our aim is to transmit our expert knowledge to every one of our clients, helping you purchase your perfect diamond.

We understand that purchasing diamonds can seem extremely complicated, especially for first-time buyers. As experts in the diamond industry, we know all too well that diamond sellers aren’t always as clear as you’d prefer. It is precisely this vagueness that we strive to eliminate by offering our customers the most transparent diamond transactions possible.

Informed Customers

We spend more time advising and educating our customers for one straightforward reason: our business model revolves around satisfied clients. We’re not looking to rip off a client by selling them a poor quality stone at an inflated price, since our line of vision goes far beyond short-term profits.

The stakes are high when it comes to buying diamonds, and so we value every single question that customers send our way. We guarantee that at New Star Diamonds, you will never be left in the dark at any point during the diamond-buying process.

Best Value

The best part of our superb customer service is that it does not come with a premium price tag. Our primary store is online, which allows us to save a tremendous amount of money on operating costs. When purchasing from a store as efficient as New Star Diamonds, you’ll soon discover that you will not only receive a more valuable diamond, but it will come at a significantly lower cost.

Many diamond buyers unfamiliar with the economics of the diamond industry are unaware that the high prices of diamonds stem primarily from expensive overhead costs. We cut out the unnecessary expenses, allowing us to offer quality stones and first-rate customer service at rock-bottom prices.

Diamond Experts

Buying something as special as an engagement ring or a diamond is not something to be taken lightly, and not all dealers are qualified to properly advise their customers. Additionally, our experience enables us to cut out the expenses incurred when shopping in retail stores, and all the savings are passed on to our customers.

Our expert status allows us to purchase our diamonds from the source, which means tapping into the highest quality diamonds on the market, anywhere. This allows us to offer our customers the best of both worlds—the highest quality diamonds at the lowest possible prices.

Why Choose New Star Diamonds

Very simple. As diamond experts, we’re happy to teach you everything there is to know about diamonds. We’ll help you at every step along the way to make sure you end up with your perfect diamond.

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Custom Design Jewellery

If you'd like to take your ring to the next level, then I recommend you consider designing a custom ring for your loved one. It's not a complicated process, and we can help you at each step along the way to make it even easier for you.

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