What to look for when buying diamonds

Diamonds – one of planet Earth’s most valuable stones and a symbol of wealth and power for literally hundreds of years, this status symbol also makes for a pretty valuable investment buy. Long been coveted in jewelry and polished stone form, they also have incredible value for hard cutting surfaces and the manufacture of tools. Hopefully this quick guide gives you a bit of information for anyone looking to buy diamonds for investments, jewelry, or wedding rings.

History of diamonds

All throughout history diamonds have had a venerated place in our society. These sparkly stones have been long coveted not only for their incredible appearance but also their incredible durability and hardness. These stones have had an almost mystical lock down on mankind for close to 3000 years – some Central Asian cultures even believe that loose diamonds in a sacred valley were protected from looters and thieves by killer snakes, animals and birds of prey.

The first recorded mining occurred close to 3000 years ago in India, where the indigenous people were using them for jewels and tools. These incredibly bright stones caught the eyes of the natives, and when they began to integrate them into their society they gained an almost instant high status and incredible value. The loose diamonds were believed to be gifts from gods, and were named thunderbolt weapons. While no diamonds have been actually found in ancient Indian archeological sites and burial grounds, the hidden history and ancient legends lead us to believe that the majority of them have been lost, stolen, or sold. Numerous tools have shown marks and indications of being tooled with diamond tipped tools.

But India was not the only ancient culture to worship and have a reverent perspective towards diamonds and loose diamonds – almost every culture in the entire world has at some point held diamonds in high esteem, and almost all of them still do today. In fact some of the world’s largest producers are the diamonds South Africa produces each and every year – they make up one of the largest diamond mining populations in the entire world.  If you buy diamonds for jewelry or loose diamonds you most likely own South African diamonds.

Diamonds really began to see lift off when St. Louis IX of France first made it a law that all diamonds were to be for the king and only for the king, boosting it forever to the status it still enjoys today – a precious stone only for the wealthy and elite. Just to buy diamonds is almost to join this incredible fraternity of worldwide diamond owners – even if it’s only a perception that is driven by marketing. Diamonds for sale is always a big boost for business.

Modern Diamonds

Most often used for jewelry, diamonds pop up all over the world on necklines, ear lobes, wrists and fingers – basically no body part that can be decorated with these incredibly valuable and expensive baubles is safe from being adorned with diamonds.  These are the ultimate status symbols and give instant credibility to the owner and wearer – showing all of society a visual representation of just how well off they are. They are also the most purchased stone for engagement and wedding rings – just about everyone who’s gotten married has bought a diamond ring of some size and value for the perfect lady in their life. The incredible color and luster that diamonds bring to the table make them incredible attractive and yet somewhat subtle – you can even find them in a multitude of colors, shapes, cuts, and sizes. This allows for an incredible range of personalization and design options, giving you the ability to make the perfectly custom diamond jewelry.

But they aren’t just getting by on their good looks – loose diamonds and diamonds in general are also incredibly hard – they are harder than just about every other substance and make fantastic cutting tools. Almost always made up of lower grade and quality (or too small) stones that would be deemed unfit to make it into diamond jewelry, these poor grade stones are still super hard and able to make perfect tools.

But they have a monetary function that cannot be overlooked – loose diamonds make a fantastic and almost always liquid form of investing, and since they can be transported easily and resold quickly they are a very prized commodity for anyone involved in high finance or looking to move or safeguard large amounts of money. These diamonds are almost always uncut, unpolished, and unfinished, and will lose a bit of their overall value when they are modified to be moved for resale. Even still, rough cut and loose diamonds can almost always be found in the safety deposit boxes of the rich and famous, as well as the personal vaults and safes of wealthy individuals around the world.

You don’t have to be a shipping magnate or an economic titan to join the ranks of people who are using diamonds as investment tools though – just about anyone with enough money can purchase rough cut stones on the open market and begin to join the worldwide diamond trade. If you’re interested in this kind of financial investing you’ll need to tape into the power, experience, and leverage that a professional and trusted diamond expert can give you. These professionals will almost always have a bit of an investment just to tap into their contacts, knowledge, and experience – but when you’re talking about the kind of money involved in these deals it’s always better to be safer than sorry.

As you can see diamonds are not just the pretty little stones that you so often see on the necks and wrists of the rich and famous – they have been prized for thousands of years and are also used all over the world in industries ranging from construction to industrial design.  It would be impossible to calculate the impact that diamonds have had on the worldwide history, but it’s a good bet that the world would be incredibly different without diamonds.

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