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What is a Diamond Carat?

Diamond carat is the most objective of the 4 Cs since it is a measurement of the diamond’s weight. Since there is an international standard regarding the weight of a carat, you can compare the carat weight between different diamonds accurately. The exact weight of a carat is 200 milligrams. If there are multiple diamonds contained in a piece of a jewelry, then the carat weight will reflect the total weight of the various stones.

How Does Carat Weight Affect Price?

There are many factors which affect the price of a diamond, but in general the value of a diamond will increase with its overall weight. The reasoning behind this is the simple fact that larger diamonds are considerably rarer than smaller stones, and so they are more desirable. Additionally, since larger stones are rarer, a single large stone will carry a higher price tag than two smaller stones which add up to the same weight.

Does Carat Weight Reflect a Diamond’s Size?

Many consumers contrast diamonds against one another solely using the carat weight to determine the size of the diamond. Although the diamond’s weight is an indicator of the diamond’s size, it’s important to keep in mind that many other factors come into play. For example, a diamond’s cut has a significant impact on the sparkle of a diamond, which means that a smaller diamond with a high cut grade may appear larger than a diamond with more carats but an inferior cut.

Are There Other Factors to Consider?

If you’re working within a particular setting, then you should be aware that it may not fit all diamond carats. Moreover, the appearance of diamond is often dependent on the woman’s finger as much as the objective weight of the stone. This means that even an objective measure measurement such as carat weight can be misleading if other considerations are not taken into account.

How Can I Save Money on Carat Weight?

As mentioned above, carat weight can significantly increase the price of a stone. However, you can still catch a bargain on larger stones by purchasing diamonds that fall just below whole-carat and half-carat benchmarks. For example, a 1.9 carat diamond may cost substantially less than a 2.0 carat diamond even though the two diamonds may appear indistinguishable to the average person.

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