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What is Diamond Color?

The term diamond color often confuses consumers since it typically is used to reflect the extent to which a stone is colorless. The reason why colorless diamonds are desirable is because light passes through colorless stones more easily, which leads to greater luminosity and sparkle. Color is graded on an objective scale from D to Z, with D signifying colorless diamonds all the way down to Z which marks stones with the most noticeable coloring.

What Color Grade should I Purchase?

It might be tempting to only purchase a diamond with a high color grade, but these stones will carry an exorbitant price tag. It's also important to keep in mind that often the distinctions between different color grades can be indiscernible even under a magnifying lens, let alone to the casual observer. Since color distinctions are often undetectable to the untrained eye, consumers can rest assured that there are fabulous diamonds with brilliant sparkle that can fit into their budgets.

Settings Which Affect Color Grade:

Pave and Side Stone :

In pave and side stone settings, the optimal color grade is affected by the shape of the diamond. For the most popular round and princess rings, a color grade of G-I is ideal, while for other shapes a color grade of F-I will bring out the best sparkle

Halo :

The central diamond of a halo setting will be best highlighted with a color grade of F-H.

Ring Color and Color Grades

Another factor to consider when choosing a color grade is the color of the actual ring.

White Gold Rings :

For a princess stone in a white gold ring, consumers should look for color grades of G-I. With round diamonds, a slightly lower grade of H-J will suffice, since the colorless qualities of grades G and above will be invisible to the untrained eye.

Yellow Gold Rings :

The ring's yellow color will be partially absorbed by the diamond, which negates the significance of higher color grades. For princess diamonds, a grade of J-K will look great, while for round diamonds even lower K-M color grades would be a smart purchase

Final Word on Diamond Color

There are very few diamonds which are completely colorless, and among the highest grades the differences are so subtle that they are completely imperceptible to consumers. Even diamonds with color imperfections can have incredible sparkle and fluorescence, while fitting into your budget comfortably. With this in mind, you'll be prepared to choose a color grade that's perfect for you.

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