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What is a Diamond Cut?

A diamond’s cut refers to how well-proportioned it is, its symmetry, and other factors which affects its light performance. This is an essential question which goes far beyond the shape of the diamond, since it will influence how brilliantly it can transmit and reflect light. The scintillation (sparkle) of the diamond depends on its cut grade as does its brilliance and fire, and so the cut has a great impact on the diamond’s value. Since it has such significant bearing on the diamond’s beauty, the cut is one of the most important criteria to investigate about a diamond.


Assigning a Diamond Cut

A diamond cut is an objective assessment of how luminous it will be. Ideally, if the diamond is well proportioned and angled properly, light will be able to travel through the diamond and reflect all of its splendor through the top of the diamond. However, if the diamond cut is too shallow then light will escape from the bottom of the diamond, and if the cut is too deep then light will be lost on the sides. The higher grade of the cut, the more effectively it will transmit light and sparkle.

5 Types of Diamond Cuts

Excellent Cut:

Rare and highly valuable, a diamond with an excellent cut will reflect almost all of the light that passes through the stone. 

Very Good Cut:

Almost as brilliant as an excellent cut, a very good cut reflects light extremely well, though more affordably and less impressively than the highest grade

Good Cut:

The majority of the light that enters the diamond will be reflected if it has a good cut, and it will carry a significantly lower price than very good and excellent cuts

Fair Cut:

A fair cut can still be a fine diamond, but typically its carat weight or another factor has greatly inhibited its ability to reflect the majority of the light.

Poor Cut:

The most affordable diamond cut, a poor cut will unfortunately lose most of the light that passes through the diamond.

Significance of Diamond Cut

The universal standard for grading diamonds objectively measures the 4 Cs: cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. Of these four categories, many consider the grade of a diamond’s cut to be the single most essential detail about the stone. Its brightness and sparkle is completely dependent on its proportions and symmetry reflected in its cut grade, and no other factor will have such significant impact on the diamond’s value. It’s also the most complex characteristic of the diamond to analyze, which is why the standard grades set by the GIA are so important.

Choosing a Diamond Cut Grade

A diamond’s cut has tremendous impact on its appearance and any serious buyer should certainly inquire about a cut before making a purchase. This is especially true since to the uneducated eye it can be difficult to distinguish between cut grades, and it’s vital that you know exactly how a stone ranks on the hierarchy of diamonds. Choosing a diamond cut will often come down to personal preference and budget considerations, and with our tremendous diversity there’s an ideal diamond for every single customer.     

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