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What is diamond shape?

Diamond shape refers to the geometric form of the diamond. It shouldn’t be confused with the cut of the diamond, which speaks more about the stone’s ability to reflect and transmit light. While not one of the 4 Cs, the shape is one of the first aspects of the stone that observers will notice. A diamond’s shape has a tremendous overall effect on the appearance of the diamond and is also one of the major factors which affects its value. The diamond’s shape can reflect the personality and preferences of its wearer, and so shape is an essential characteristic of a stone.

What type of diamond shape should I choose?

When choosing a diamond shape, your primary concern should be which will look best aesthetically. There is no shape that is inherently better than any other, and you should be choosing based on personal inclinations. Certain shapes compliment the shape and length of the woman’s fingers, while others may be expressive of her individual style. Also, some shapes work best with particular settings, which can be another deciding factor for your purchase. Given the importance of a diamond’s shape, various styles should be considered before reaching a decision.

Most Popular Diamond Shapes

Round Brilliant

A traditional round shape is the most popular style for diamond rings today. The reason why the overwhelming majority of purchased diamonds are round is that the shape allows the stone to retain more of its carat size than any other shape. Round diamonds are valuable and often are best at bringing out the stone’s brilliance due to their 58 facets which facilitate the reflection of natural light. Round diamonds are classic and timeless, and are most recognizable for their eye-catching sparkle.


After the round brilliants cut, the second most popular diamond shape is the square princess cut. One benefit of a princess cut is that there can be as many as 144 facets, which can refract light almost as well as round cuts. Princess cuts are more modern than traditional round shapes, and their popularity has increased, especially for engagement rings. It’s one of the favorites for trendsetters, and the fact that a princess shape is more affordable is another draw for many consumers.


The elongated oval shape of a marquise diamond gives off the appearance of a large stone and often possesses maximal carat weight. Additionally, the long shape of a marquise has an accentuating effect andhighlights the slenderness of one’s fingers. Distinctive and striking, a marquise diamond can be enhanced with a variety of settings.

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